What we do


A New Era for Tickethour

Tickethour when first established in 2005 was targeting that “little Greek market niche”. Yet, through constant improvement and operational stability has managed not only to gain an important market advantage domestically, but also expand abroad!

In 2012 the Tickethour UK Company was launched, followed by more in Cyprus, Qatar, Norway and The Netherlands. Within just 10 years of existence, Tickethour accomplished a profound development which drawn the attention of International Sport Organisations and Top-class Events, who have trusted our Ticketing Software and Services.

Our achievements were also noticed by the strongest ticketing company worldwide: Ticketmaster, a Live Nation Entertainment Inc. Company, with whom, since June 2016, Tickethour has joined forces. 

Ticketmaster holds the leading position across international markets in the Ticketing Services sector, by owning a significant clientele within 22 countries, with over 300 million annual tickets sales around the world; an unprecedented achievement in the ticketing and events industry.

We, Tickethour, strongly believe that such a cooperation will ensure a firmer and more proficient technology development, an important progress of our services and in general a bright future for our company!

Our software

Tickethour, through its 10 years course, has been establishing itself as a high-class, contemporary, innovative ticketing company, gaining an important market advantage both domestically and internationally!

Over and above our experience in Projects delivery, we need to stress out the technological know-how, our Systems strengths and Top-Class functionalities. Tickethour’s ticketing suite is a 100% web based all-in-one software. The point that we believe differentiates Tickethour from competitors is that our suite is an all in one system which may easily integrate with third-party systems.

On the top of the top class Ticketing System, we may also provide a full service with Access Control Software, new-technology, cloud based system, which has been tested and approved in our most recent international events; Baku 2015 1st European Games and Qatar 2015 24th Men’s Handball World Championship.

Tickethour Ticketing and Access Control Systems can guarantee: Speed – Flexibility – Adjustability – Reliability!

Mission Vision

Tickethour wants to be the company that moves ticketing forward… to a world where ticketing systems do not crash during periods of high demand, a world where you can quickly and easily buy a ticket online anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Forward… to a world where it is easy to get a ticket for any special event, whether it’s seeing the newest blockbuster movie, listening to the biggest bands, or watching your favourite team. A world where high-tech ticketing systems allow you to choose the seat you want with a simple click and print out your tickets at home or have them sent to your mobile device.

Forward… to a world where your ticket is smart enough to give you directions to the venue, help you find your seat, point you towards the catering, provide extra information about the event that you’re attending, even suggest things you can do after the event has ended.

Tickethour has built a box office in the cloud, powered by the latest cutting-edge web technologies, backed by exceptional customer service, and incorporating clever ticketing innovations that include QR codes, multimedia printing and Automatic Best Seat Selection. Tickethour has moved ticketing forward. But this is only the beginning…