Technology trends

Mobile box office

Sale tickets
through an iphone

Connect the iphone
Via Bluetooth
to the small printer

your ticket

Take your
ticket right


Ticket sales through an iPhone which is connected via Bluetooth to a small portable printer.
Sales boost in a very well targeted way that diminishes box office operational costs.
The device is connected to the web via 3G signal or Wi-Fi.

QR Code Find It

Get your tickets

The QR code will be
printed on the ticket

Scan the QR
code with
your mobile

Get usefull

The QR code will be printed on the ticket along with other useful information like:


Directions to find


Your seat, the Bar/ Library
/ WC/ Parking pay stations

Information about the show

The venue from current position

What to do after the show

All these information are available to the ticket holder by scanning the ticket with her
mobile phone or a special device found in the venue’s foyer


Multi Design printing

It was the first time ever were in an international competition one system could print 5 different tickets according to the venue where the match was played

Spread it!


Use it to:


Set up deals and promotions to all social media yourself

Create, spread and manage the take-up of campaigns and promotions

Reward loyal customers!

Viral campaigns

Tap into their friendship groups and acquire new customers!

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