Mobile friendly online event promotion & ticketing web based platform with customisable ticketing pages. Empowering the event, entertainment and sports industry through «innovative» back of the house services.

mobile delivery/ ticket/ QR Code

html5 (choose ur seat)

dynamic notifications

Patterned/ Tailormade notifications —> recognition center *

ticket packages sales


Real time Communication
Between Partners

Full control of remote activities

Operational Planning


Competitive Strengths

Proprietary Software

Client Interfaces

Load Balancing

Business Logic

Data Provider

Web Services

Cloud Based system

Application Programming Interface

Continuous improvements and updates

Software Functionality

Customers can purchase tickets threw online responsive sites and choose their seats from any device.

Access Control Software

online and web based realtime Access Control Software / smartphone screen ticket check full integrated with our ticketing platform.

Point system

A fans’ rewarding system, through which customers can collect points in multiple ways: Tickets purchase Games attendance Merchandise purchase

Patterned Notifications

Dynamic recognition of the end users habits threw specialised algorithms.

Other product sales

Email Marketing campaigns

Dynamic reporting

CRM Output / Database marketing

3rd party intergration

Access control

Multiple sales points

Ticket through tills


Lottery system

My account

Ticket pricing flexibility



Call center

Print @ home

Shopping basket

Quening system

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